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Pet Hip Dysplasia Screening

Our facilities are not only equipped to treat hip dysplasia in pets, we also diagnose Von Willebrand’s disease and recommend the most effective treatment plans available.

Hip Dysplasia & Von Willebrand’s Disease

Hip dysplasia is a deformity of the hips that occurs as your dog grows during puppyhood and commonly affects large and giant breed dogs.

The hip is what we call a ‘ball-and-socket joint.’ For the joint to work well, the ‘ball’ (or head of the femur/thigh bone) and the ‘socket’ (or acetabulum of the pelvis) need to sit together securely. This joint sits within a tough fibrous joint capsule and contains a joint fluid lubricant to help reduce friction during movement. Additionally, the surface of where the bones meet is also covered by smooth cartilage.

Von Willebrand’s disease is associated with the blood’s inability to clot well, which could cause heavy or excessive bleeding during surgical procedures and injuries.